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What to Do If Your Car Accident Was Caused by the Manufacturer

car manufacturer error

Car accidents are terrible events. Not only can they cause serious personal injuries and extensive repair costs, but they also bring about severe emotional trauma and stress. What can be the most frustrating is learning that the car accident was caused not from negligence on your part but from a manufacturing defect in the vehicle.

Most car accidents are caused by driver inattentiveness, negligence, or other error. However, there are car accidents that are caused from defects present at the manufacturing stage. These are called product defects. Examples of these manufacturing—product—defects include the following:

  • Airbag manufacturing defects: Examples of airbag defects include airbags that deploy when they are not supposed to or airbags that do not deploy when they are supposed to. Airbags are powerful forces that can cause injury upon impact. This is common knowledge, but people accept this risk because they save lives in the event of a car crash. However, if they deploy when they are not supposed to, this can cause unnecessary personal injury. Further, if the airbag fails to deploy in the event of a car accident, the individual is at risk of dying upon impact or serious bodily injury for which the deployment of the airbag could have prevented.
  • Seatbelt manufacturing defects: If the seatbelt unbuckles during an accident, the individual is no longer protected from injury to the highest degree. This defect significantly exacerbates the potential injuries that an individual will sustain in a car accident and increases the chances of death. The seatbelt could also break upon impact, which could cause the individual to crash through the windshield. It is common knowledge that seatbelts—along with the airbag—are the most important safety features in a car and their failure to operate properly gives rise to a product liability claim.
  • Vehicle electrical system manufacturing defects: Cars easily get overheated when they are driven for long periods of time or left outside in the extreme hot weather. However, this should never result in the spontaneous combustion of the vehicle while an individual is operating it. If it does, the individual could be severely injured and may also die as a result of this manufacturing defect within the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Tire manufacturing defects: If the tire contains a manufacturing defect such as poor or inadequate tread ware, the tire is more likely to explode and cause the car to veer out of control—leading to a car accident.
  • Accelerator and brake manufacturing defects: Losing control of the accelerator or brakes in the car can immediately lead to a car accident. These situations can also result in severe emotional distress, confusion, and utter fear because the individual operating the vehicle is no longer in control of it. Both serious bodily injury and death are likely with these manufacturing defects.

If you were in an accident that you believe was caused by a manufacturing defect, it is important to try to preserve as much evidence as possible—this includes not touching the car and making sure that it is kept in the same position as it was at the time of the accident until a professional can come and examine it. Make sure the auto shop does not begin repairs on the car until a professional can verify whether a manufacturing defect was to blame for the car accident. Failure to preserve the car in the same condition as it was in at the time of the car accident can make it challenging to find the defect at a later date and could destroy any chance you have at recovering financially from the manufacturer.

Manufacturing defects are serious problems for society that can destroy a person’s future in a matter of seconds. Victims of car accidents caused or contributed by a manufacturing defect have the right to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the car for injuries. If you have experienced personal injuries in a car accident due to a manufacturing defect, a personal injury attorney can guide you in getting you the compensation you need.

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